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🍊🍊🍊 JoyPretty Vitamin C Whiening and Brighten Face Care Kit


Vitamin C, combined with plant-based hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, is an effective formula for combating facial aging, mainly against the appearance of spots, sensitive redness, and dull skin,uneven skin tone and so on on the face due to radiation, UV rays, environment and other factors. It can delay the aging of the skin.

Our 5-piece VC set is suitable for all skin types, with a gentle formula that will not cause skin irritation.


✨  If you have oily skin, it can quickly regulate the oil balance of your skin and keep your face fresh.
✨  If you have dry skin, it will quickly replenish moisture and relieve the feeling of tight and dry skin.
✨  If you are a combination skin, oil control and hydration double effect, can clean the T-zone of the face and forehead often oily parts, to achieve the effect of oil control; quickly moisturize both sides of the face, has reached the effect of hydration.


It takes care of the basic problems of the face while helping to brighten the complexion, reduce imperfections and minimize pores for a more youthful look


Skin Care Sequence

Cleanser>Toner>Eye Cream>Serum>Face Cream


Vitamin C for Face Skin Care Set Cream Serum


Monthly SALE

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