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UR SUGAR High Saturation Red Color Gel Nail Polish: Embrace Elegance in Every Stroke 

Elevate your manicure experience with UR SUGAR High Saturation Red Color Gel Nail Polish – a statement-making hue for a touch of sophistication:

Autumn Winter Elegance: Embrace the rich, high-saturation red that complements the cozy vibes of autumn and winter, adding a touch of warmth to your nails.

Semi-Permanent Gel: Enjoy the long-lasting brilliance of semi-permanent gel polish, ensuring your manicure stays vibrant and flawless for an extended period.

UV LED Gel Manicure: Achieve a professional gel manicure at the convenience of your home with UV or LED light curing, ensuring a quick and durable finish.

7ml Glass Bottle: Each bottle contains 7ml of high-saturation red gel polish, providing ample product for multiple stunning manicures.

Soak Off Formula: When it's time for a change, easily remove the gel polish with a gentle soak-off process, allowing for hassle-free transitions between colors.

Elegance in Every Stroke: Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or prefer a classic look, UR SUGAR Red Gel Nail Polish adds a touch of elegance to your nails with every stroke.


UR SUGAR High Saturation Red Color Gel Nail Polish 7ml

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