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Brush type1: Concealer Buffer , Soft Crease , All Over Shader , Petit Eye Blender


Brush type2: Smudger , Soft Definer , Crease , Pencil , Petit Crease ,

Brush type3: Cream Shader , Luxe Smoky Shader , Detail Shader ,

Brush type4: Detail Liner , Wing Liner , Brow Line

material: natural-synthetic hair

Brush style: Jessup brushes

15 pcs shapes are perfectly for all kinds of eye looks; Best for professional and home use. This item features as below:

1. For brush hair :

(1) Patent, Mixed Natural & Synthetic Hair

(2) Traditional Handmade

(3) Elastic, Soft and Silky, Dense

(4) Strong Ability to Grasp Powder.

2. For Handle :

(1) 7 Times Coated Birch Wood

(2) Luxury 70% Bright Pearl Black

(3) Suitable Weight

(4) Ingenious, Convenient to Use

3. For Ferrule:

(1) Fine Rose Gold Metal Ferrule

(2) Extremely Strong


Makeup Brushes Set 15pcs Make up Brush Tools


Monthly SALE

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