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Body Lotion

Product name: Kojic acid body lotion
Main components: Kojic acid, bone collagen, shea butter
Net weight: 230g/7.78fl.oz
Features: Remove melanin, improve the dull, sallow & uneven skin and enhance its whitening ability, keeping fair, smooth, moisturized and elastic.


Product name: Kojic acid soap
Main components: Kojic acid, coconut oil, tea tree oil
Net weight: 120g/4.06fl.oz
Features: Brighten skin, keep moisturized & well-hydrated and effectively fix dark spots & uneven skin tone, leaving the skin fair, soft and smooth all day.


Product name: Kojic Acid sunscreen cream
Main components: Kojic acid, vitamin C, green tea
Net weight: 80g/2.71fl.oz
Features: This product with a moist texture has unique effects on sun protection, moisturization & repair, effectively protects skin from UVA/UVB damage, hydrates and keeps moisturized & transparent.

Face Cream

Product name: Kojic acid face cream
Main components: Kojic acid, vitemin E, rose hip oil
Net weight: 50g/1.69fl.oz
Features: Deeply nourish, improve & repair damaged skin, mildly whiten

Facial Wash

Product name: Kojic acid facial wash
Main components: Kojic acid, aloe vera, olive oil
Net weight: 100g/3.38fl.oz
Features: Deeply cleanses pores, absorbs grease, dirt & makeup residues, repairs damaged skin, reduces wrinkles, promotes anti-oxidant generation, effevtively prevents acnes & comedos and protects skin.


Kojic Acid Series Skin Care Products

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