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Damage Repair Hair Mask Restore Hair Soft Smoothing Shiny
Keratin Deep Treatment Frizzy Dry Straightening Balm Magic Hair Care

1. Repair Hair Damaged By Hot Dyeing, Penetrate In 8 Seconds, Create A Smooth Experience

2. Visible Results After One Use, Restoring Hair Strength

3. Smooth Curly Hair, Daily Home Care, 10 Times Smoother Hair

4. Improve Curls And Tangles, Repair Hair Core, Prevent Hair Breakage And Split Ends


Apply generous amount to towel-dried hair and massage through from roots to end. Wait for 2 to 5 minutes and rinse thorougnly. Use otwice or three times weekly. Amounts differ from person to person, but use enough to cover hair from roots to tips . ( Notice: don't touch scalp )


Damage Repair Hair Mask Restore

PriceFrom $15.99

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